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Learn More About Wayne, NJ

Wayne is a Passaic County township that has been the filming location of popular shows including The Supranos, Strangers With Candy, and Bill Murray’s Broken Flowers. Wayne is ranked as one of Money’s top 100 places to live and is home to both Toys-“R”-Us and National Valley Bank headquarters.
Wayne plays host to a number of talented lawyers who are well acquainted with local court procedures. Lawyers in Wayne take a wide range of different cases; some examples include: wills and trusts, personal injury, chapter 7 bankruptcy, divorce, and criminal cases.
Recently in Wayne, Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Jersey lost a class action lawsuit, forcing them to pay out about $1.2 million to 500 patients who had been denied anorexia and bulimia treatments. The judgment classified eating disorders as a biologically based mental illness which should be covered by insurance like any other infirmity.
If you are planning on filing for divorce in Wayne, you will probably be visiting the Passaic Vicinage in Paterson and file with the Family Division which retains jurisdiction over domestic issues. If you are looking to file a lawsuit, you would file with the Civil Division; however, if you face criminal charges the court will summon you with a court date and time for the Criminal Division. There are a number of other divisions with which to file and it’s important that you file correctly to avoid unnecessary fees and time loss.
The best way to gain confidence in your case is by hiring a bar certified LegalMatch lawyer from Wayne. LegalMatch is a free pairing service that offers research materials and even tips on how to select the best lawyer for you. Just select your case category and get started!
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