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Learn More About Morristown, NJ

A highly strategic location of American encampments during the American Revolutionary War, Morristown is today a small city in Northern New Jersey. Although originally founded by the Dutch, Morristown came under British control at roughly the same time as near-by New York City. Morristown maintains its rich history today with its historic greens and its colonial era buildings.
Morristown lawyers can assist you with any legal issue you may be facing. These include personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, wills and trusts, family law, and many other legal issues. Attorneys in Morristown are currently on both sides of a case over the death of a pedestrian who attempted to cross a Morristown city street. The plaintiff is suing the city and numerous other parties in a wrongful death action over his brother’s death.
This suit and many others are currently ongoing in the Morris County Superior Court in Morristown. Local Morristown attorneys with experience in this court will know the judges, court staff, and other local lawyers. This local know how could come in handy if your case goes to court in Morristown.
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