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Learn More About Passaic, NJ

Passaic is a city in Passaic County which was recently the filming location for the movie Be Kind Rewind.  Passaic’s diverse population is exemplified by the Monroe Street shops and restaurants which showcase Latino and Eastern European influences.

Passaic is home to many highly regarded lawyers who are familiar with local Passaic County courts and procedures. Lawyers in Passaic take cases in temporary immigration visas, estate administration, wrongful termination, divorce, and bankruptcy cases like chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcy.

If you’ve paid a fine for public intoxication in Passaic, you may be owed some money by the state of New Jersey. The cities of Passaic and Hawthorne were named as offenders in a class action lawsuit against city and county municipalities still enforcing public intoxication as a crime. New Jersey repealed all public intoxication ordinances in 1975, however, New Jersey law enforcement continued to fine citizens. Joseph McMullen was arrested and spent over $500 in lawyer’s fees to have his case dismissed until he discovered the tickets were still common practice in many cities. A class action lawsuit addressing the matter has been filed by McMullen’s attorney in U.S. District Court.

If you are thinking of filing a lawsuit in Passaic, you’re most likely to visit the Civil Division of the Passaic Vicinage in Paterson. The Passaic Vicinage has jurisdiction over nearly every kind of case in Passaic including divorce, which is handled exclusively by the Family Division, criminal proceedings, handled by the Criminal Division, and exclusive jurisdiction over juvenile cases which are handled by the Juvenile Division. Vicinages have many different divisions and it’s important that you file accordingly.

To be sure that you are filing with the correct court, hire a bar certified LegalMatch lawyer who knows Passaic Vicinage procedures. LegalMatch also provides many helpful legal research materials like forums, an online law library, and tips on selecting the best layer for you case. LegalMatch’s services are free and back by a customer satisfaction guarantee.

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