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Learn More About Englewood Cliffs, NJ

The borough of Englewood Cliffs is a thriving economic hub and is the headquarters for companies such as CNBC, Ferrari and Maserati of North America. Englewood Cliffs really started to boom in 1931 when the George Washington Bridge opened and a flood of economic and residential business came into the borough. It was appropriate that the opening of the bridge coincided with the borough’s first building and zoning codes that allowed Englewood Cliffs to continue to prosper as a residential town even as the commercial aspects came into greater power.

With such a large economic presence on the east coast, it is no surprise that the town is home to a large number of talented Englewood Cliffs lawyers. These lawyers are ready to represent you in any number of legal actions and are skilled in many areas including tax, bankruptcy, criminal defense, DUI, real estate, divorce, and more.

Recently, an Englewood Cliffs law firm filed a class action suit against The Colonial BancGroup accusing the business of lying about TARP funds it was about to receive. The Englewood Cliffs law firm’s complaint alleges that in December 2008, Colonial made a statement that they were about to receive $500 million in TARP funds from the government, which caused their stock to increase 50%. However, in late January 2009, Colonial made a second statement that the TARP funds were conditional upon Colonial raising $300 million in capital by itself, which subsequently led to a 46% drop Colonial’s stock value. The Englewood Cliffs law firm is seeking damages for all of those who bought Colonial stock between December 2008 and January 2009.

Englewood Cliffs is served by the Bergen County Justice Center, which consists of multiple courts amounting to a center that can hear any type of case. If you have to report to the courts in this location, having a local Englewood Cliffs lawyer on your side will be a huge boost for your case.

Finding the right attorney can be a difficult process, but is here to help make it easier for you. With our online legal matching service, finding an Englewood Cliffs attorney is simple and fast, with most attorneys responding to you after just 48 hours of using our system. You’ve got nothing to lose, so why not head over and visit our site today!

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