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Learn More About Mount Laurel

Mount Laurel is a township in Burlington County that is the namesake of the Mount Laurel Decision. This was a judicial interpretation of the New Jersey State Constitution requiring municipalities to use zoning powers to produce affordable housing to low and moderate income families. Mount Laurel is home to about 40,000 as reported by the 2000 census.

There are a number of Mount Laurel residents who are talented lawyers that are familiar with local court proceedings. Lawyers in Mount Laurel accept a wide variety of cases including: wrongful death, child custody, chapter 11 bankruptcy, green card immigration, and personal injury cases.

Recently in Mount Laurel Township, Paulo Serodio filed a lawsuit in the Burlington County Superior Court claiming that the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey discriminated against him. Serodio was born in Mozambique and says the trouble began in a cultural diversity class when he identified himself as a white African,-American which offended other students. Serodio says his car was vandalized and eventually he was suspended for conduct unbecoming.

If you are fighting criminal charges in Mount Laurel Township, you have probably been summoned by the Criminal Division of the Burlington Vicinage. Lawsuits are handled by the Civil Division and domestic disputes like divorce, child custody, and child support issues are handled by the Family Division. And the General Equity Division handles wills and estates, as well as complete gifts according to he donor’s intent.

Bar certified LegalMatch lawyers know Mount Laurel Township and Burlington County court procedures. LegalMatch also offers an online LegalCenter which has legal resources like an online law library and forums that are helpful for learning more about your specific legal issue. The services are free and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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