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Learn More About Piscataway, NJ

Piscataway is a township in Middlesex County that was rated 23rd in the Money Magazine top 100 places to live in America. Piscataway is also home to a Pepsi Cola bottling plant and American Standard Incorporated world headquarters.
Piscataway is also where you’ll find many lawyers who are knowledgeable of local courts and their procedures. Lawyers in Piscataway take a wide range of cases; some common examples include: chapter 7 bankruptcy, writing wills and trusts, personal injury, child support, and civil cases.
Recently, the Piscataway School Board filed a lawsuit against Rutgers University citing that a Rutgers’ graduate student housing was receiving unfair tax exemptions. There are a reported 65 children who live in the Rutgers housing and attend local Piscataway schools. A Middlesex Superior Court judge encouraged arbitration and Rutgers has agreed to give Piscataway schools an $80,000 credit that’s good for the use of their facilities and programs.
If you’re thinking about filing for divorce in Piscataway, you’re likely to be visiting the Middlesex Vicinage and filing with the Family Division. Lawsuits will take to you the same Vicinage and have you filing with the Civil Division and criminal cases will earn you a summons by the Criminal Division.
For any legal issue, it is best to have an experienced Piscataway lawyer to help you make tough legal decisions. LegalMatch is the premier method of selecting a lawyer who is perfect for you and your case. Matching services are free and the website contains lots of helpful pages like an online law library.
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