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Learn More About Carteret, NJ

Carteret is located in the northeasternmost corner of New Jersey, and part of the county of Middlesex. Carteret hosts an Urban Enterprise Zone, which offers tax discounts to eligible merchants. It is also the data center for the NASDAQ stock exchange.

To address the demand for an educated and skilled workforce not only in Carteret but in nearby New York, the Carteret School District serves young pupils from kindergarten through to grade twelve. High school students may attend the Middlesex County Vocational and Technical Schools without tuition fees. For those who want to get university education and pursue a legal degree, there is Seton Hall University School of Law in Newark, and Rutgers University Law School with campuses in Newark and Camden. These two produce most of the lawyers serving Carteret and the state of New Jersey.

A controversial case of police brutality was filed against a police officer who was the brother of Carteret mayor Dan Reiman in March 2019. The officer allegedly beat up a teenager for resisting arrest. The Middlesex county jury cleared Reiman’s brother, much to the dismay of the boy’s parents. Protest marches from the local communities erupted after the acquittal was announced, alleging intervention from the mayor himself.

Lawyers in Carteret have the skill and experience in dealing with Criminal and Juvenile law, Personal Injury, and DUI, among others. You may opt for free legal consultation with Project Protect of the YWCA of Eastern Union County in Elizabeth or Volunteer Lawyers for Justice in Newark, among many. Applications are approved on a set of eligibility criteria.

However, a faster and more convenient way would be to use the Legalmatch process. By filling up a form here with your legal case details, you will be matched with a lawyer in Carteret that has the skill and experience to address your legal needs. Legalmatch attorneys have been pre-screened for reputability and reliability so you can be sure of excellent services.

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