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Learn More About Watchung, NJ

The heart of the Watchung Mountain range in Somerset County, New Jersey is the small city of Watchung. Watchung is the First Peoples’ word for hill, an appropriate name if you ask one of the cyclists who have passed through while participating in the Tour of Somerville, a Somerset County tradition since 1940. Be sure to stop at Bowcraft Playland Amusement Park if you live in Watchung or are simply visiting.
The Chase Bank in Watchung was one of the New Jersey locations that received envelopes containing a mysterious white powder and threatening letters post 9/11.  The security threat forced Watchung Police to shutdown the Chase branch on US-22 for fear of anthrax contamination. Ultimately, the man responsible was apprehended by Federal Bureau of Investigation officers.
Lawyers in Watchung are able to assist you in all of your legal needs. The Watchung Municipal Courthouse is a good place to begin gaining some information, but Court Clerks are not allowed to give legal advice. The Watchung Municipal Courthouse is a branch of the New Jersey Somerset County Court system and handles nearly every case in Watchung excluding appeals. This means contract disputes, labor law, personal injury, and even criminal cases are all dealt with at the Watchung Municipal Courthouse.
You may decide to research your case either online or at the nearest law library before speaking with a lawyer. The Somerset County Law Library in Somerville is closest to Watchung. There you will find legal information on New Jersey State, Watchung city, and Somerset County.  However, if you are not familiar with legal jargon or the setup of law libraries it can be very confusing. There is an easy way to find legal help.
LegalMatch is able to take the information you supply about your case and match you with the best attorney possible without releasing your identity. Plus, the LegalMatch service is completely cost-free. Capable attorneys in Watchung and Somerset County will review your case and be there for legal help. No more blind calls to uninviting law offices. Streamline your search for a lawyer with LegalMatch.
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