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Learn More About Montclair, NJ

Even though the town of Montclair is located in one of the busiest parts of the country, it still maintains many parks and nature reserves, such as Edgemont Memorial Park and the Eagle Rock Reservation. Additionally, Montclair is home to a wide variety of arts, having its own art museum, several small galleries, and two theatres that show both film and live performances. In all, Montclair is a great place to live and work.
If you are facing legal charges in Montclair, you should probably talk to one of the many experienced Montclair lawyers who can assist you. These legal professionals practice in areas of law such as personal injury, bankruptcy, divorce, DUI, child custody, tax, real estate, contracts, employment discrimination, criminal defense, and many more.
Recently, the student newspaper at Montclair State University sued the school’s student government claiming that it had engaged in a closed door meeting in violation of New Jersey’s Open Public Meetings Act and Open Public Records Act. The Montclair paper is arguing that the student government body fits the description of a “public body” as defined by the two statutes, and that its meetings and records of those meetings need to be available to the public. The Montclair State University student government is arguing that the body does not fit the definition and that the two statutes should not apply to it.
When you need to file a lawsuit because something happened in Montclair, you will likely have to submit your court papers to the Essex County Superior Court. This court is divided into civil, criminal, and family divisions. Depending on the facts that surround your case, your arguments may be heard by any one of these divisions. A local Montclair attorney can help argue your case in this court.
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