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Learn More About Atlantic County, NJ

Atlantic County, New Jersey is home to many great attractions that both residents and visitors alike enjoy year round. From the many parks to the country run golf courses, there are plenty outside activities to enjoy. If indoor activities fit your style more, Atlantic County boasts many boardwalks with restaurants and arcades that dot the Atlantic coastline, as well as Atlantic City’s infamous casinos.

In the News: A woman recently filed a lawsuit against several Atlantic County casinos, claiming they owe her $20 million in damages for failing to advise her not to gamble anymore. The woman had been a successful lawyer in New York before she started coming to the casinos to unwind from her stressful workweeks. During the height of her gambling addiction, she would stay at the blackjack tables for five days straight living off orange juice and candy bars. Her lawsuit claims that the named Atlantic County casinos were under a duty to spot her problem and advise that she list herself on the voluntary “Do-Not-Serve” lists that the casinos provide. During her addiction, the woman lost over $1 million, her law practice, and her license to practice law.

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