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Learn More About Westfield, NJ

Despite being called home by such notable residents like Langston Hughes, the famous Africa-American poet, and Zora O’Neale Hurston, renowned short story author, Westfield still remains a modest town populated by welcoming humble people. Westfield perhaps became best known to people around the country as the setting for the fictional town of Stuckeyville in the hit NBC sitcom Ed. Today, many tourists still flock to the little town in order to see its sights and catch a movie at Westfield’s historic Rialto Theater.
The city is not only dotted with numerous landmarks, many talented Westfield lawyers also reside in the sleepy town. These attorneys mostly practice in areas of law, such as: personal injury, intellectual property, copyright law, employment, wills and trust, bankruptcy, land use, and zoning law.
Recently a land developer sought to build a distribution warehouse on an unused plot of land towards the edge of Westfield. The land was zoned residential. However, the developer enlisted the aid of a Westfield attorney who discovered an old local ordinance that allowed any parcel of land to be rezoned if it was not developed for 15 years or more. The lawyer was able to get the city to rezone the land and the developer was granted the right to build his warehouse.
If you are a Westfield resident seeking to file a lawsuit, you would have to submit your case before the Union County Court. For small claims and traffic violations, Westfield residents must appear before the Westfield Municipal Court.
Searching for a qualified attorney in a big city can be tough, however doing so in a smaller legal market like Westfield can be even more difficult. Because your selection may at times seem limit, it can often be by impulse that those looking for a Westfield lawyer will hire the first one they meet with. However, can help you avoid this problem and find the best attorney for your legal issue. Our free personalized attorney-client matching service ensures that you’ll never be stuck paying high fees for a lawyer you don’t like.
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