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Learn More About Brick, NJ

Brick became an Ocean County township in 1850 and in 2006 was named America’s safest city by Morgan Quitno Press. Brick offers many sites of interest like the Colonel Charles Waterhouse Historical Museum focusing on art of American military personnel, and the Brick Reservoir which is great for hiking and fishing.

Brick is also home to may talented lawyers who are familiar with local courts and their procedures. Lawyers in Brick take a wide array of cases, some examples are: chapter 7 bankruptcy, worker’s compensation, child custody, permanent visas, and auto injury cases. However, Brick lawyers are qualified to consult you on any legal issue.

Recently, a Brick native was killed in rough seas when a clam boat’s propeller was entangled by a clam dredge hose. The ship, named the Adriatic, was a 74 foot steel hulled boat with top of the line navigational equipment that the Coast Guard and court officials hope will help to answer how the large vessel sank with her crew.  Lawsuits may be pending over the death.

If you are looking to file a lawsuit in Brick Township, you’re likely to be visiting the Civil Division of the Ocean Vicinage in Toms River. The Ocean County Superior Court has many divisions with which to file. The Family Division covers domestic issues like divorce, child custody, child support, and domestic violence; whereas the Criminal Division is responsible for all kinds of criminal cases. With any case, it’s paramount that you follow court procedure closely and file with the correct division to prevent the loss of valuable time and money.

Hiring one of LegalMatch’s Brick Township lawyers will give you peace of mind because you know that all LegalMatch attorney’s are prescreened to be in good standing with New Jersey Bar, are backed by the customer satisfaction guarantee. Best of all it’s a free service to you!

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