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Learn More About Clifton, NJ

Clifton is a city in Passaic County city that is called home by artists, intellectuals, and hot dog eating finalists alike. Clifton’s Astro Bowl was once named Rizzuto-Berra Bowling Lanes when Major League Baseball greats Yogi Berra and Phil Rizzuto were co-owners.

Clifton also plays host to many talented lawyers who are well acquainted with local court procedures. Lawyers in Clifton are qualified to consult you on any legal issue; some examples include: wills and trusts, chapter 7 bankruptcy, estate administration, divorce, and malpractice cases.
Clifton resident Michael Ruiz de Somocurcio recently filed a $5,500 civil lawsuit against Celebration Studios which filed for bankruptcy this month. Celebration Studios reportedly closed its doors without reimbursing clients like the Ruiz couple who are scheduled to be married in just a week and now have no photographer. Ruiz has named studio owner Marc C. Schwartz in the fraudulent practices lawsuit filed in civil court; however, Federal and New Jersey state tax liens on the company total over $542,000.
If you are facing criminal charges in Clifton, you’re likely to be visiting the Passaic Visage in Paterson which handles nearly every kind of case in Clifton. The visage has many different divisions; Criminal cases are handled by the Passaic Visage’s Criminal Division and include felony and misdemeanor cases. The Family Division is responsible for hearing child custody, divorce, child support, domestic violence, and other domestic relations cases. If you are filing a civil lawsuit for money, you will likely be filing with the visage’s Civil Division.
LegalMatch is the most accurate method of pairing you with a Clifton lawyer who will solve any legal issue that you may face. LegalMatch also offers on online legal resources like the law library on nearly every type of case and tips on selecting a lawyer.
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