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Learn More About Jersey City, NJ

Jersey City is the second most populated city in New Jersey, with about 242,390 residents.  Jersey City serves as the seat of Hudson County, and is considered to be part of the New York Metropolitan Area.  Jersey City is strategically located on the Hudson River, directly across from Manhattan.
Jersey City’s waterfront is integral to the area’s economy, and serves as a major transportation and distribution hub.  Jersey City’s railroad, oil refineries, and manufacturing plants also fuel the local economy, and many large New York-based corporations have built additional offices in Jersey City too.
Recently, the New Jersey Supreme Court held that joking and commenting about an employee’s religion can constitute workplace discrimination or harassment.  The decision came in response to a discrimination claim brought by the National Employment Lawyers Association on behalf of a Jewish police officer who found his co-workers’ anti-Semitic jokes belittling.
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