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The Lakewood Township is one of the east coast hubs of Orthodox Judaism and is home to one of the largest yeshivas in the world. Additionally, Lakewood is a great place to live. Residents often smell the sweet fragrance of spring blooms while they walk around the great golf courses in the area. The town also hosts a big 4th of July festival every summer, and a Medieval Renaissance festival every fall.
If you are facing legal charges in Lakewood, you should talk to one of the many experienced Lakewood lawyers. These legal professionals regularly practice in many areas of law such as personal injury, bankruptcy, tax, employment discrimination, immigration, DUI, criminal defense, divorce, and more.
A Lakewood condominium complex is suing on of its tenants, alleging that the tenant is ignoring the community’s bylaws by using her condo as a place of worship. Other tenants have complained of large congregations each weekend going to and from the tenant’s condo, which the tenant remodeled to accommodate the worshipers. The Lakewood condominium complex’s other residents are also complaining that the religious service being held each weekend has decreased the value their condos. The judge presiding over the case issued an injunction which prohibits anyone from entering the condo in question because one of the walls that was removed during the remodel may have been load bearing.
If you have a lawsuit in Lakewood, you will probably have to report to the Historic Ocean County Courthouse, which was established in 1850. Like the other courts in the state, this court has different divisions that hear different types of cases. A local Lakewood attorney can help you find the division where your case belongs.
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