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Learn More About North Plainfield, NJ

The borough of North Plainfield, NJ lies in a historic belt that has significant input from the American Revolution. The place is near the cities of New York, Princeton and Trenton, all well-known names of that era. Besides history, these cities also link North Plainfield to many cultural offerings and access to the best educational institutions.

The nearness of bigger and older cities makes the borough that much more ideal for middle class families, which are the backbone of this community. Dutch immigrants were the first recorded citizens of the area, granted land by England’s King George. One family, the Vermeules, left a mansion that is now the oldest standing historic structure in the city.

Like many smaller places in this area of New Jersey and adjacent New York state, it has a balanced mix of cosmopolitan and small town features. An early big city feature built in North Plainfield were facilities for the Central Jersey Railroad. This provided the first impetus for the city’s becoming a steadily growing commuter center.

The nearness of Routes 287, 22 and 87 provides residents easy commutes to diverse places of employment in surrounding areas. This has provided steady and reliable income to North Plainfield in general. Meanwhile, the borough council helps their place progress with any number of new developments in its commercial and housing zones.

However, there have been missteps in land development. In the suit filed by William Campbell against the borough council of North Plainfield in 2014, the Superior Court of New Jersey decided in favor of the plaintiff to stop the creation of “a senior housing, age restricted zone” in its tracks.

You can learn more about this case if you request for file access to the proper borough agency where legal records are kept. For related cases in zoning and land use, you can access the online Law Library maintained by LegalMatch. The LegalMatch library is accessible to anyone. LegalMatch’s services are for those who need legal help delivered fast by the right legal specialist.

For free services in the legal field, residents in this borough have diverse options. One is the Rutgers School of Law Urban Legal Clinic, another is the Union County legal Services Corporation. More pro bono legal services can be accessed through the YWCA’s Project Protect and the Rachel Coalition.

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