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Learn More About Mercer County, NJ

The county seat of Mercer County, New Jersey is Trenton, which is also the state capital. The county is named after Continental Army General Hugh Mercer, who died at the Battle of Princeton. The oak tree on which the general slumped as he was dying is named the Mercer Oak and is on the Mercer County seal. Mercer County is home to many fine institutions of learning, including Princeton University and the Thomas Edison State College.

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The citizens of Mercer County recently filed a class action lawsuit against Mercer County, alleging that the county clerk charged excessive fees to make photocopies at the clerk’s office. The class action alleges that Mercer County is violating the New Jersey Open Public Records Act by charging more than the actual cost for a photocopy.

The lawsuit claims that other companies, such as Kinko’s, only charge ten cents per copy, but the citizens of Mercer County must pay fifty cents per copy at the clerk’s office. The citizens believe the clerk’s office should charge a fair rate for copies because members of the public must use the clerk’s office to obtain copies of land titles, thus leaving the citizens with no choice but to pay the inflated fee.

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