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Learn More About Willingboro, NJ

Willingboro is a Burlington County township that plays host to 33,008 residents as well as a number of past and present WWE wrestlers like Gorilla Monsoon and Jimmy Valiant. Willingboro residents enjoy great shopping and over 16 public parks and municipalities.

A number of lawyers who are familiar with local Burlington Vicinage procedures also call Willingboro home. Lawyers in Willingboro admit a diverse mixture of cases including medical malpractice, personal injury, child support, wrongful termination, and DUI cases.

Willingboro is noted for its role in the Supreme Court decision of Linmark Associates Incorporated v. Township of Willingboro. Willingboro won the landmark case which ended the prohibition of posting for sale and sold signs within the township limit because it violated the First Constitutional Amendment’s protection of commercial speech. Willingboro originally outlawed the use of the signs because city officials feared a white flight may occur in addition to blockbusting. The city outlawed the posting of real estate sold and for sale signs in an ordinance passed in 1974.

The Burlington Vicinage is most likely to be the location where you will file if you live in Willingboro. Lawsuits should be filed with the Civil Division, domestic disputes will be heard by the Family Division, and pending criminal charges will get you summoned to the Criminal Division. It’s always best to have the help of a seasoned professional on your side like a bar certified lawyer from LegalMatch.

LegalMatch allows you to check prices, availability, and read past clients’ reviews of the Willingboro lawyers who’ve accepted your case. Check out the LegalCenter for forums, tips, and an online law library to do some research.

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