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Learn More About Union City, NJ

Incorporated in 1925, Union, NJ boasts over 67,000 residents who live in its 1.283 square miles, making it the most densely populated city in the U.S. During the 1800’s many German, Swiss, Dutch and Austrian immigrants made this area their home, establishing renowned lace-making operations and earning the city the distinction “The Embroidery Capital of the United States.” The city is only two miles from New York City via the Lincoln Tunnel, and 17 percent of Union’s population cross the river to earn their living. Notable landmarks in Union include the St. Michael’s Monastery & Church, built in 1869 and the 1931 Park Theater (site of the Aerosmith/Run D.M.C. video “Walk this Way”).

Union City is a Hudson County city in New Jersey, but it’s incorporated into the New York Metropolitan Area with about 25% of its residents working in New York City. Union City is popular with New York workers because it is part of an Urban Enterprise Zone which provides economically distressed area shoppers with a 3.5% tax instead of New Jersey’s normal 7% sales tax.

Union City is also a great place to find a lawyer who can help you solve your legal woes. Lawyers in Union City take a wide range of cases; some examples are: chapter 13 bankruptcy, auto injury, will & trust, child support, and criminal cases like felonies and DUIs.

The New Jersey Attorney General’s office recently took on the case of trying to find out why a lot in Union City appraised for $326,000 cost them $1.8 million. It seems that investigators have uncovered possible political corruption in Union City Mayor Stack’s control of the Zoning Board. The proposed school site was bought from Daniel Lopez who operated it as a parking lot. However, after a $5,000 donation to Mayor Stack’s campaign fund Lopez sold his lot for a great profit. The New Jersey State Attorney General plans to uncover just how far the mayor’s collusion extends and a full investigation is underway.

If you are thinking of filing for divorce in Union City, you will likely be visiting the Hudson Vicinage in Jersey City which has divisions for nearly every kind of case you will encounter. Divorces and domestic issues are handled by the Family Division, lawsuits are heard by the Civil Division, and the Criminal Division will summon you if you have pending criminal charges. There are many other divisions of the superior court and it is important that you file correctly so that you do not lose time and money in re-filing.

The best place to find a bar certified Union City lawyer is through LegalMatch’s free online pairing services which also offer a customer satisfaction guarantee. LegalMatch allows you to check prices, availability, and read past clients’ reviews of lawyers who’ve accepted your case. Check out the LegalCenter for forums, tips, and an online law library for researching more about your case.

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