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Howell, NJ is a small town in the countryside of Monmouth County. The city offers a variety of outdoor activities and is also close to New Jersey’s Six Flags resort.
Howell lawyers can assist you in criminal defense, personal injury litigation, real estate transactions, bankruptcy, and any other legal issue you may have.
Attorneys around Howell may be familiar with a case involving a county jail. Monmouth County was housing inmates from Philadelphia, allegedly against state law. The state sued Monmouth County, and is considering pursuing a lawsuit against another county in New Jersey accused of doing the same thing.
Most cases in Howell begin at the Monmouth Vicinage. New Jersey’s judicial districts are organized into 15 of these Vicinages, which are basically New Jersey’s trial courts. Your Howell attorney should be familiar with the rules and procedures of this vicinage and the town of Howell.
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