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Learn More About Hackensack, NJ

Hackensack is an old New Jersey town with a rich history. The city took its name after the original Native American name. General George Washington set up camp in Hackensack before the critical Battle of Trenton during the Revolutionary War. Hackensack is also home to the First Dutch Reformed Church, the second oldest church in New Jersey.
Hackensack lawyers can represent you in criminal defense, bankruptcy, personal injury, wills and trusts, family law, and any other legal issue you may be having.
A woman in Hackensack recently filed a lawsuit against the chief of police claiming that he tampered with her First Amendment right to freedom of speech after he allegedly tampered with an online posting she made. The Hackensack woman had made critical remarks about the police chief in an online posting on a popular website. The lawsuit alleges that the police chief accessed the website and altered the postings. In response, the police chief has alleged that the statements were defamatory, and has filed a counter suit.
Attorneys in Hackensack should be familiar with the Bergen County Superior Court and others near Hackensack. Your lawyer’s familiarity with local rules and procedures can sometimes make the difference between your case being thrown out and having your day in court. Although the vast majority of cases don’t make it to trial, your attorney’s familiarity with other Hackensack lawyers, judges, and court staff could help you in favorably resolving your case at any stage.
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