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Learn More About Orange Township

Located in Essex County, New Jersey, Orange is a small township with a population of about 33,000 and is situated close to Newark. First settled in 1666 by former residents of New Haven, Connecticut, Orange founded its economy on such diverse industries as hat-making, beer, adding machines and calculators and Radion. In fact, the “mad hatters,” as they came to be called, manufactured and shipped hats all over the world. One hatter later relocated to Philadelphia to create and market the Stetson hat.

No longer known for its mad hatters, Orange, East, South and West Orange (or the “Oranges”) recently gained fame for illegal drug operations operated in the Oranges by the Crips gang. A Crips gang member, Jahaad Carter, along with three other gang members, was charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine, heroin, marijuana and ecstasy. These three men were considered the kingpins of the drug operation for which the gang  received an estimated annual profit of about $2 Million. 

In Orange, litigants typically begin their case in the Essex County Vicinage Court which, in turn, consists of several court divisions including civil, family law, probate and juvenile courts. The Orange City municipal court deals mostly with traffic violations, violations of municipal ordinances, and disorderly conduct.  To determine which court division is most appropriate for your case, consult with an experienced Orange lawyer familiar with your local court system.

LegalMatch can help you find the right lawyer to represent you with your legal matter. LegalMatch has pre-selected Orange lawyers who are experienced in different legal proceedings ranging from criminal defense, real estate law and marital dissolution as well as other legal matters. We take the work out of the process by finding reputable lawyers who meet the standards of the New Jersey bar.

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