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Learn More About Middletown, NJ

Middletown is part of Monmouth County and is the oldest township in the state of New Jersey. Middletown has twice been in the top 100 of Money Magazine’s best places to live and is home to celebrities like Maury Povich and Jon Bon Jovi.
Lawyers in Middletown take many different kinds of cases; some examples include: immigration visas, auto injury, bankruptcy, civil lawsuits, and divorces. Middletown lawyers know local courts well and offer useful insight into any legal issue.
Ian MacLaughlan was recently sentenced for the death of William Martino. MacLaughlan was driving on Route 133 when he veered off the road and struck a tree which killed Martino. MacLaughlan was sentenced in District Court to 60 days on a work crew for the downgraded felony charge of negligent operation of an automobile resulting in death. The Martino family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in light of MacLaughlin’s toxicology screen that says he was inhibited; however, he was not charged with a DWI.
If you’re planning on filing a lawsuit in Middletown, you’re probably going to be filing with the Civil Division of the Monmouth Vicinage in Freehold. Some other divisions that are common include: Criminal Division which handles DWI and felony cases among others, and the Family Division takes all domestic cases including child custody matters and divorce.
With whichever court you file, you will want to have a Middletown lawyer; LegalMatch is an easy and free method of pairing yourself with that great lawyer. LegalMatch’s LegalCenter contains an online law library, legal forums, and a customer satisfaction guarantee. LegalMatch is the place to go for solving any legal issue you may face, before you select a lawyer check out our helpful legal tips.
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