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Learn More About Linden, NJ

Even though the city of Linden is located only a few miles from the hustle and bustle of New York City, it still manages to maintain a certain charm. With plenty of great restaurants and pubs to visit, locals and visitors alike love Linden. During World War II, Linden produced many of the aircraft that were used in the fighting overseas.
If you have a legal issue in Linden, there are many talented Linden lawyers who are available to assist you. These attorneys regularly practice in many areas of law such as criminal defense, DUI, real estate, contracts, personal injury, divorce, alimony, pre-marital agreements, and more.
A Linden man who survived a fall of 47-stories while washing windows is suing the owner of the building from which he fell and the company that erected the scaffolding on which he was working at the time of the incident. In his lawsuit, the Linden man claims that both companies were reckless and negligent with regards to his safety when he was washing the building’s windows. The wife of the man injured in the fall has also filed a lawsuit against the two companies seeking compensation for the loss of companionship from her husband.
Linden is served by the Union County Court, a court of general jurisdiction that hears most types of cases including criminal and civil matters. If your case arose while you were in Linden, you will likely have to report to this court. A local Linden attorney who regularly practices in this court can really help your case. is here to help you find the right Linden lawyer to represent you in your case. Not only does LegalMatch offer you a free and unique online legal matching service, but we also provide you with access to our LegalCenter where you can find valuable information about many types of legal actions. Don’t delay, check out LegalMatch today!
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