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Learn More About Evesham Township

Evesham Township New Jersey dates back to 1688 when it was formed as Eversham, long before it became a part of Burlington County. The Township of Evesham wasn’t incorporated as such until 1798 and today is one of the most desirable places to live in New Jersey.
Evesham Township plays host to a number of talented lawyers who are familiar with local Burlington County courts. Lawyers in Evesham Township take a wide variety of cases; some typical examples include: bankruptcy, personal injury, divorce, real estate cases as well as drafting wills and contracts.
An Evesham Township loan processor, Kelly Kotzker, has been named as one of seven defendants in a fraud lawsuit filed by the New Jersey State District Attorney’s Office. Kotzker was the loan processor for two companies: Casey Properties, LLC and Alan Lee, LLP, who are being sued under New Jersey’s Civil Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Statute. The defendants allegedly tricked victims by using their credit information to solicit additional information. After they had the information, they would process fraudulent loans in order to sell properties at highly exaggerated prices. Casey Properties is accused of swindling 32 investors out of $18 million.
If you’re filing a lawsuit in Evesham Township, you’ll be visiting the Civil Division of the Burlington Vicinage. The Burlington Vicinage is where Burlington County Superior Court is held and offers divisions like Criminal, Family Division for divorces and other domestic issues, and Probation.
Regardless of your case, an experienced Evesham lawyer from LegalMatch will make all the difference. LegalMatch offers a comprehensive matching with a local lawyer from Evesham Township; the service is free of charge and allows you to view past clients’ reviews, lawyer’s availability schedule, and prices. Check out our tips on selecting the best lawyer for you or browse through our online law library.
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