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Learn More About Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic City is the birthplace of the Sundance Kid and Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s; but you probably more familiar with the extravagant casinos and hotels. Atlantic City also boasts being the inspiration for the game Monopoly and the show “Boardwalk Empire.”

Hire the Right Atlantic City Criminal Defense Attorney Or Atlantic City Ciminal Lawyer

While modern-day Atlantic City may not be as full of crime as the 1920s-era city shown on “Boardwalk Empire,” there are still a number of talented lawyers call Atlantic City home just like on television. Lawyers in Atlantic City are familiar with local court procedures and take a wide range of cases, some typical examples include: wrongful termination, personal injury, divorce, DUI cases, as well as drafting wills and trusts.

Recently in an Atlantic City Superior Court, 79 year old Angela Domino filed a lawsuit against Harrah’s Casino for cheating her out of an $86,000 jackpot. When Domino won the slots jackpot the monitor flashed $86,000, however, she was only paid $20,035 and told that a man at Trump Marina had won the prize earlier. The case was sent to arbitration, which is a legally binding method of alternative dispute resolution, and Domino settled the case for an undisclosed amount.

If you’re looking to undo an impromptu wedding in Atlantic City, you will likely be visiting the Atlantic Vicinage and filing with the Superior Court’s Family Division which retains exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations cases. You will be summoned by the Criminal Division if you have pending criminal charges, but if you are looking to file a lawsuit, then you will visit the Civil Division.

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LegalMatch is a dependable free method of finding an Atlantic City lawyer. By prescreening all of their lawyers, LegalMatch is able to guarantee your lawyer is state bar certified. If you want to research your case, check out LegalMatch’s LegalCenter for blogs, newsletters, and a great online law library. For more information on Atlantic City lawyers and courts, please see the links below:

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