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Learn More About Englewood, NJ

Located in one of the most affluent counties in the country, the city of Englewood gets its name because it was the first primarily English speaking town on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River. Englewood has the honor of being the place where the telephone industry made one of its “firsts.” In 1951, the mayor of Englewood was the first person to use direct distance dialing, 3 digit area code plus 7 digit local number, in the United States when he called the mayor of Alameda, California. 

Due in part to the surrounding affluence, Englewood has many talent Englewood lawyers that you can hire if you need legal representation. These lawyers have a diverse skill set and are experienced in many areas of law including personal injury, divorce, intellectual property, communications, civil rights, tax, bankruptcy, real estate, employment, and more.

An Englewood attorney is representing a group of 20 co-workers in their suit against another co-worker and his cousin in a bizarre case. The group of 20 co-workers regularly pooled their money to buy lottery tickets, and the defendant ran the pool. They never won much as a group, but one day the Englewood defendant announced that his cousin had won the $25 million jackpot. Immediately distrustful, the plaintiffs accused the pool leader of using their money to buy the winning ticket and gave it to his cousin. The Englewood attorney put it bluntly in court, saying that this case comes down to whoever the judge believes is telling the truth about where the pool money went.

Englewood is served by the Bergen County Justice Center, which hears all types of civil and criminal cases. All of the Englewood attorneys have the local knowledge to really help your case, and it would be to your advantage to hire one for your side.

If you need assistance in finding the right Englewood attorney for you, you should look at LegalMatch is not a referral service, but instead we use a system to match you up with attorneys in your area who want to take your case. As always, there is never any pressure to hire any of the legal professionals who respond to your posting. There’s nothing for you to lose, so check us out today!

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