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Learn More About Fort Lee, NJ

Fort Lee is a Bergen County borough that is home to about 36,000 residences. Fort Lee was named by George Washington for General Charles Lee, who camped in the area.

Fort Lee is also home to a number of talented lawyers who take many different kinds of cases including chapter 7 bankruptcy, divorce, personal injury, wrongful termination, and estate administration. Lawyers in Fort Lee are familiar with local Bergen County court procedures and will be able to sort out your particular legal issue.

Fort Lee resident and Maury Show employee, Bianca Nardi, recently filed a $100 million lawsuit against Maurice (Maury) Richard Povich and Donna Benner Ingber for sexual harassment. Povich is married to new anchor Connie Chung. Both Maury Show spokesman and NBC spokeswoman denied all allegations but NBC lawyers are taking the compensatory and punitive damage charges seriously. The case will be heard in New Jersey Superior Court.

If you have pending criminal charges in Fort Lee, you probably have been summoned by the Criminal Division of the Bergen Vicinage. The Bergen Vicinage also handles Fort Lee lawsuits in their Civil Division, domestic issues like divorce and child custody in their Family Division, and offer a Probation Division.

LegalMatch is the best way to find a bar certified lawyer in Fort Lee, New Jersey. LegalMatch offers a free pairing service that guarantees your satisfaction. LegalMatch’s LegalCenter provides forums on law, an online law library, and tips for choosing the best lawyer for your particular case.

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