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Learn More About Berkeley

The Berkeley Township, New Jersey has quite an interesting past. At one point the coastal town was going to be a resort development for retired Army and Navy officers, but this idea ultimately fell through. Instead, the grand hotel that was built has been at various points a mental asylum, a nursing home, and even a drinking establishment during Prohibition. Today, Berkeley is a great place to live with vibrant neighborhoods and a great golf course.

If you need to file a lawsuit in Berkeley, or a lawsuit has been filed against you, you should contact one of many qualified Berkeley lawyers who are more than happy to assist you. These attorneys have years of experience in litigating matters that involve personal injuries, contracts, real estate, bankruptcy, tax, divorces, and more.
A Berkeley man was recently indicted on charges of money laundering, securities fraud and theft. The man claimed to be a licensed stock broker and accumulated more than $4 million in investment capital from 2002 to 2003 by promising his investors a 50% return on their investments. In reality, the man was not a licensed stock broker and never bought any securities and instead squandered the money on personal investments, luxury cars, and home improvements. The Berkeley man and his companies have already been ordered by the court to repay over $5 million in damages and $5 million in punitive damages, and now he is facing prison time if the charges are proved against him.
If you have a lawsuit in Berkeley, you will likely have to report to the historic Ocean County Courthouse, which was built in 1850. This court is divided into various divisions including the civil, criminal, and family divisions. Depending on your type of action, you may be required to file papers with any one of these court divisions. A local Berkeley attorney can help you file these papers. is a unique only legal matching service that you can use for free to find the right Berkeley lawyer for your case. After submitting some basic background information into our system, local attorneys will contact you about your case. You never have to pay anything, and as always, all of your information is kept strictly confidential.
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