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Learn More About Elizabeth, NJ

Elizabeth is the county seat of Union County and was the only New Jersey city selected as part of Popular Science Magazine’s article named “America’s 50 Greenest Cities.” Notable residents from Elizabeth include Judy Blume, Edward Stratemeyer, and for a brief time Alexander Hamilton grew up in Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is currently home to many talented lawyers who take cases like child custody, personal injury, DUI, estate administration, and chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. Lawyers in Elizabeth are capable of consulting you on any legal issue and are familiar with local court procedures.

An Elizabeth resident recently sued the Bridgewater Commons mall, its security vendor, and one of its security guards after the guard made her feel intimidated and discriminated against. Wakeelah Salaam of Elizabeth was shopping at the mall with her two children when the security guard approached her and told her to remove the niqab she was wearing, citing mall policy that customers were not allowed to wear masks, and motioning that he was willing to remove the traditional Muslim face covering if she refused to do it herself. Ms. Salaam alleged that the incident was an intentional infliction of emotional distress and it made her feel harassed, discriminated against, and embarrassed, especially as the incident happened in front of her children.

If you are planning on filing a lawsuit in Elizabeth, you will probably be visiting the Union Vicinage Main Courthouse in Elizabeth which takes all kinds of cases and retains no limit on civil judgments. The main courthouse encompasses many different divisions like family division for divorces and domestic issues, criminal, civil, and general equity, so make sure that you file with the correct division.

LegalMatch is can help you answer questions that you may have about Elizabeth and Union County court procedures. LegalMatch continues to be the best resource for people to find a lawyer in Elizabeth by providing reviews, availability schedules, and upfront pricing from all LegalMatch lawyers.

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