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Learn More About Chatham, NJ

The town of Chatham has historic roots dating back to the first human settlers of North America. It has long been the crossing point for the Passaic River, and was a settlement on a well-traveled Native American trail leading through the nearby mountains. Today, Chatham is a charming and walkable community owing to its geographically small size.
Chatham lawyers can help you in personal injury, criminal law, bankruptcy, wills and trusts, family law, or any other legal issue you may be dealing with. Chatham attorneys are currently on both sides of a lawsuit over permits to erect a chain donut store in the borough. Attorneys for a local Chatham resident’s group allege the town arbitrarily awarded the permits without letting the community have a say. The case is ongoing in the Morris County courts.
Attorneys in Chatham should be familiar with the court system of Morris County, as well as its various divisions of criminal, civil, and family law. Although all attorneys in New Jersey are licensed to practice anywhere in the state, your local Chatham lawyer will know local rules, as well as local court staff, judges, and other attorneys.
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