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Learn More About Saginaw County, MI

Saginaw County is home to the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge and the bones of native Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winning writer Theodore Roethke. The area’s population has decreased from 210,039 to 200,745 in just 8 short years.  Still, the residents of Saginaw County enjoy access to great shopping, outdoor life, and culture.
A number of Saginaw County’s residents are talented lawyers. Lawyers in Saginaw County advise on a mixed assortment of cases; some typical examples include child custody, personal injury, DUI, and contract dispute cases.
Recently in Saginaw County, Willie J. Black Jr. of 1523 S. Michigan was charged by the Saginaw County Circuit Court on arson and fraud. Black, according to fire investigators, allegedly lit a mattress on fire and removed a piece of drywall to help it spread in the 1014 S. 25th home. Black had recently purchased an insurance policy on the residence and according to Shatoya Thomas, resident of the home and ex-girlfriend of Black, he was the only other person who had a key since she was in California.
If you have been accused of a crime in Saginaw County, you will likely be summoned by the Saginaw County District Court for a preliminary hearing before your case is transferred to the Circuit Court level. The Saginaw County Circuit Court is responsible for hearing most cases and retains exclusive jurisdiction over civil trial appeals and domestic relations cases like divorce and child custody matters.
LegalMatch acts as the superlative method of pairing yourself with a bar certified Saginaw County lawyer. By offering the viewing of prices, availability, past client reviews, and a tips section on how to best select a lawyer for your needs, LegalMatch is your one-stop site for any legal issue that may face you in Saginaw County.
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