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Learn More About Berrien County, MI

Berrien County is one of the “cabinet counties” meaning that it was one of the counties in Michigan that was named after President Andrew Jackson and his cabinet members. In the case of this county, it was named after John M. Berrien, who served as President Jackson’s United States Attorney General.

If you are facing legal charges in Berrien County, you should strongly consider speaking to a local Berrien County lawyer about your situation. These attorneys have much experience dealing with areas of law such as divorce, alimony, criminal defense, DUI, personal injury, automobile accidents, contracts, business, real estate, and many more.

The estate and family of a Berrien County ER doctor recently settled their lawsuit against the county and various members of the jail where the doctor died. The doctor was placed in the jail after failing a breathalyzer test at a probation meeting for a previous DUI charge. When he got to the jail, the Berrien County doctor began to go through severe alcoholic withdrawal symptoms which the jail staff allegedly ignored. As a result of this reaction, the man died without receiving any care from the staff of the jail. Originally, the estate and family sough $54 million in their lawsuit, but the case was eventually settled for just over $5 million.

Depending on your case in Berrien County, you will probably have to report to either the Civil Division of the Berrien County Circuit Court, or the Criminal Division. Going through a legal proceeding can be difficult and time consuming, but a local attorney can make it much easier on you. is a website that you can use to find a qualified Berrien County lawyers for your case. When you use our site, you will submit some background information about your lawsuit, and attorneys in your area that practice in the laws that apply to your situation will contact you. Best of all, this service is entirely free to you!

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