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Learn More About Inkster, MI

Inkster is a Wayne County suburb of Detroit. The city of Inkster plays host to 30,000 residents and is one of just a few Detroit suburbs that is predominately African American. Inkster is a popular location for tourists to stay because it provides a nice suburban atmosphere and is close to the Henry Ford Museum.
Some of Inkster’s residents are lawyers who are familiar with practicing law in Wayne County and throughout the State of Michigan. Lawyers in Inkster take all kinds of cases, some examples include: bankruptcy, child support, civil lawsuit, immigration, and criminal cases like DUI and felony charges.
Recently in Inkster, Desiree Walker was arrested for allegedly throwing her newborn into the trash. A group of teenage girls were passing the refuse bin when they heard the cries. They alerted police when they found the child in a plastic bag and officials then used a receipt in the bag to track down Desiree Walker. Walker faces attempted murder, child abandonment, second degree child abuse, and is being held on $100,000 bail in Wayne County Jail.
If you have a lawsuit to file in Inkster then you will likely be visiting a Wayne County Court. The 22nd District Court takes criminal, civil, tort, contract, and small claims cases among others. There is a separate court for landlord/tenant disputes which presides over evictions, contracts, and mortgage foreclosures. The U.S. Immigration Court in Detroit will handle any immigration issues that arise in Inkster.
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