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Learn More About Dearborn, MI

Dearborn is a Wayne County city that is also encompassed in Michigan’s Detroit Metropolitan area. Dearborn is best known for being home to Henry Ford and the world headquarters of the Ford Motor Company. The city also plays host to the University of Michigan and offers great rail transportation.
Dearborn is also home to a number of outstanding lawyers who are familiar with local courts and filing procedures. Lawyers in Dearborn take diverse mixture of cases, some normal examples include: Chapter 7 bankruptcy, divorce, immigration, wrongful termination, and criminal cases like DUI.
Recently in Dearborn, the Michigan Court of Appeals upheld Stephen Grant’s murder conviction. Grant strangled his wife and dismembered her body. His appeal argued that he had asked to speak to his attorney. You may remember that he kept her torso in the tool shop; it was one of the more gruesome details that came out during the second-degree murder trial. He is still serving another 50-80 years in prison.
If you have a lawsuit or restraining order to file in Dearborn, you will probably visit the 3rd Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan which serves Wayne County. While circuit court have exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations cases like divorces and child custody cases, they also are responsible for hearing civil, juvenile, criminal, mental health, real property, contract, probate, and appeals cases too.
LegalMatch is a free service that will make sure you are matched with a bar certified Dearborn lawyer who can handle your case. LegalMatch’s services are free and their website offers helpful legal resources like an online Law Library.
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