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Learn More About Royal Oak, MI

Royal Oak is full of great sights for visitors like the National Shrine of the Little Flower Church, the Rackham Memorial Fountain, and the Detroit Zoo. The Royal Oak Farmers’ Market is an institution that’s served only Michigan produce since it began in 1927.
Royal Oak lawyers take a wide range of cases; some examples are consumer credit, chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcy, drunk driving, immigration, child support, and divorce. Lawyers in Royal Oak are knowledgeable of Oakland County Courts and can consult you on any legal issue.
Recently, Royal Oak resident Miad Jarbou filed a lawsuit against rapper Eminem for assault. No criminal charges were filed with Oakland County officials but Jarbou’s claim of the unprovoked punch in the face during a strip club bathroom exchange is likely to earn him the $25,000 he is seeking in damages and fees.
If you are thinking about filing a small claims lawsuit for less than $3,000 in Royal Oak, you will be visiting the Royal Oak 44th District Court which also handles tort, contract, and real property disputes up to $25,000. If you are looking to file for divorce, you will have to visit the family division of the Oakland County Circuit Court in Pontiac. The circuit court is also responsible for hearing cases regarding probate, felony and juvenile criminal charges, and mental health cases.
As with any technical process, it’s best if you have an experienced professional to guide you through; and there’s no better way to find a lawyer in Royal Oak than LegalMatch. After you submit a brief synopsis of your case, Royal Oak lawyers will review it and quote you a price while you check past clients’ reviews and availability. By finding a lawyer through LegalMatch, you are sure to get a bar certified lawyer and your satisfaction is guaranteed.
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