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Learn More About Shiawassee County, MI

Named for the “river that twists about”, Shiawassee County, MI was surveyed in 1822 by the U.S. government, and opened to settlers shortly thereafter. Today over 71,000 residents have settled on its 541 square miles, attracted by the strong sense of community. Residents and visitors alike are able to enjoy the county’s many attractions, including the Curwood Castle, Durand Union Station and Michigan Railroad History Museum, The Martindale Corn Maze.
Located among the residents of these quiet communities are a number of Shiawassee County lawyers. Lawyers in Shiawassee County specialize in legal matters involving business, real estate, family matters, intellectual property, personal injury, medical malpractice, and many others.
Lawyers in Shiawassee County were recently involved on both sides of a dispute against a local propane company. The lawsuit claims that propane supplier Ferrellgas, Inc. improperly installed copper tubing carrying propane into a Shiawassee County home, causing it to explode. Six siblings were killed during the explosion and two were injured; the children were staying there to attend a family reunion. The plaintiffs are seeking $675,000 in damages for lost property and wrongful death.
The Michigan court is structured as one general trial court (known as a circuit court), several limited-matter trial courts (known as district or probate courts), one court of appeals, and a Supreme Court. Lawyers in Shiawassee County may litigate cases in the 35th Circuit Court, the 66th District Court, the Michigan Court of Appeals, or the Michigan Supreme Court. Shiawassee County lawyers can advise you of any special rules and procedures of the courts. can help you to find an experienced Shiawassee County lawyer. Our website contains tips on selecting the right attorney and general information on popular legal topics. LegalMatch also allows you to review the availability and price of pre-screened Shiawassee County attorneys, and confidentially present your case to receive a response within 24 hours.
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