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Learn More About Garden City, MI

Garden City is part of the larger metropolitan Detroit area. The city is famous for many reasons, but perhaps notably is that the first Kmart store was opened in Garden City. In addition, the first Little Caesars pizza restaurant was opened in Garden City. Both of these stores are still in full use and operation.
There are many Garden City lawyers in the area that are available to assist you if you have run into legal problems. These legal professionals regularly counsel their clients in many areas of law including personal injury, foreclosure, tax, bankruptcy, DUI, criminal defense, divorce, child support and more.
A Garden City lawyer recently helped his client settle a lawsuit for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The client had been walking in a gated community on an evening stroll when she was struck by a privately owned golf cart that was being driven by the son of the owner. The Garden City lawyer’s client received serious injuries that required multiple surgeries to correct.
The Third Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan serves the residents Garden City. It is the largest and busiest judicial circuit in the state. In addition, the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan is also close to Garden City. A local attorney can help you figure out which court your case should be heard in.
If you need help finding a local attorney who is willing to take your case in Garden City, look no further than With our extensive database of lawyers who practice in many fields of law, you can find the right attorney for your case with ease. At LegalMatch, we are dedicated to matching you up with the best lawyer for your situation.
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