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Learn More About Plymouth Township

Plymouth Township is an affluent charter township in Wayne County, Michigan, with a population of approximately 28,000 residents. In 2009 it was ranked 28th in Money Magazine’s “America’s Best Places To Live.” Plymouth Township’s job market was originally based primarily in the auto industry, but has been making efforts to attract more diversified employers. As a result, a number of new research and development firms have moved into the area

In October 2009, Martha McAllister, a Plymouth Township resident, filed a lawsuit in federal district court against American Benefit Concepts Inc., an insurance brokerage that sells life insurance, Medicare insurance, and other insurance products. The suit alleged that ABC sold McAllister fraudulent investments in companies that were under investigation by the FBI and IRS, to which she lost $50,000 in savings. The Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation began investigating ABC’s business practices, and the suit is still pending in federal court.
The Michigan Eastern District Court is the federal court presiding over Wayne County. However, most cases arising out of Plymouth Township will be heard by the 35th District Court, located in Plymouth. The district court handles most traffic violations, civil cases up to $25,000, landlord-tenant matters, and misdemeanor cases. More serious cases arising out of Wayne County are handled by the Third Judicial Circuit Court, located in Detroit. The circuit court presides over all felonies and civil cases of more than $25,000, as well as family and juvenile matters such as divorce, paternity, adoptions, emancipation, juvenile offenses, and child abuse. Probate matters are handled separately by the Wayne County Probate Court, which not only presides over traditional probate matters, but also may issue orders for treatment and care of mentally ill and developmentally disabled persons.
Jurisdictional differences between state court and federal court are often unclear and typically require an attorney’s expertise on the matter. If you need to speak with an attorney, there are many who practice in Plymouth Township for you to choose from. LegalMatch can help you find the one best suited to address your legal situation.  Our service is free and confidential, and simply involves taking ten minutes to fill out an online form. Visit our website and begin your search today.
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