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Learn More About Kent County, MI

The manufacturing center of West Michigan, Kent County is named after a respected New York attorney and legal scholar.James Kent successfully represented the territory of Michigan against Ohio in a dispute over the Toledo Strip. Kent’s representation and compromise eventually led to Michigan’s statehood, and the inclusion of valuable northern land containing iron ore and timber into the territory of Michigan.
Kent lawyers can assist you in any legal issue you may be facing, including criminal defense, personal injury litigation, bankruptcy, real estate litigation, and many others.
Attorneys in Kent are currently litigating a tragic case involving a group of intoxicated teens who died in a car accident. The driver, the only survivor, was convicted of drunken driving causing death, and is now being sued by the relatives of his three passengers who were killed. Although the families of the victims are including the estate of the driver in their lawsuit, they say they remain friends with the diver and his family. Such an inclusion is standard, and compensation in these claims generally comes from insurance.
This case and many others begin in the Kent County court system. If you need an attorney in Kent County, you will want a Kent County lawyer who is familiar with the rules and procedures of Kent County as well as local court staff, judges, and other Kent County lawyers.
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