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Learn More About Owosso, MI

Owosso is a city of approximately 15,700, located in Shiawassee County, MI. Owosso was named for the Ojibwa leader, Chief Wasso. Today, Owosso is home to Baker College Owosso, which offers degrees in health, education, business, engineering, computers, office administration, and technology. Owosso is also home to The Movie Museum, a dynamic educational resource offering film memorabilia. 
Owosso residents are served by the Shiawassee Court System, which is comprised of the 35th Circuit Court, the 66th District Court, and the Shiawassee County Probate Court. The Shiawassee County Circuit Court is a court of general jurisdiction. This means that it hears civil cases where more than $25,000 is in dispute, family law matters, cases where the plaintiff is seeking equitable relief, criminal cases involving felonies, and certain misdemeanor cases. The Circuit Court also hears cases that are appealed from district courts, as well as cases that are appealed from some administrative agencies. A qualified Owosso lawyer will know which court has jurisdiction over your case. 
Recently, the Owosso City Council approved an ordinance under which landlords must register their rental property, and pay a $25-per-unit registration and inspection fee. The fees will be used to provide educational materials to landlords and tenants, to create a digital mapping system of Owosso, and to hire an Owosso-based building code enforcement officer. is an excellent way to find the Owosso lawyers for your case. By maintaining a comprehensive database of local, pre-screened attorneys, can quickly find lawyers who meet your specific needs. Get started by researching your legal issue in our legal resource center, or exploring these outside legal links:

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