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Learn More About Holland, MI

Holland is a city the stretches into both Ottawa and Allegan Counties in Michigan State. Unsurprisingly, Holland was founded by Dutch Americans who still make up a large proportion of the city’s population today. Holland is known for its selection of boutiques, restaurants, and farmers markets.
A number of Holland’s natives are lawyers who are familiar with local city, county, and state level courts and procedures. Lawyers in Holland take a broad selection of cases like chapter 13 bankruptcy, child custody, medical malpractice, DUI, and wrongful termination cases.
The Sierra Club only recently settled a lawsuit that it brought against the city of Holland five years ago.  For several years, Holland has burned coal in a power plant that it runs, which prompted the Sierra Club to sue Holland over the air emissions generated by the coal.  However, Holland has recently made the decision to switch from burning coal to burning gas.  This decision has convinced Sierra Club to finally settle the litigation that it has subjected Holland to for so long.
If you have a case to file in Holland then you will be heading to the 58th Judicial District Court which retains exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations cases including divorce and child custody issues, civil trials, and juvenile cases but also handles tort, contract, criminal, real property, mental health, and administrative agency appeals cases.
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