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Learn More About Macomb County, MI

Named after General Alexander Macomb, a highly decorated veteran of the War of 1812, Macomb County, Michigan was formally organized on January 15, 1818 to become the 3rd county in the Michigan territory. Covering 482 square miles and containing a population of approximately 855,000 people, Macomb County today forms part of the Detroit metro area. Attractions within Macomb County include 130 parks, the Macomb Center for Performing Arts, 31 miles of shoreline, and the Freedom Hill Amphitheatre.

In the news: Attorneys in Macomb County were recently involved in a number of lawsuits against a bankrupt Macomb County business. The lawsuits allege that Rock Tops took customer money for granite countertops, and then closed the businesses without issuing refunds for unfinished work and uncompleted orders. Additionally, the lawsuits also seek damages for unpaid rock cutting equipment and raw supplies. The Macomb County lawsuits are ongoing.

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