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Learn More About Bay City, MI

Bay City is positioned in the base of Saginaw Bay on Lake Huron and is home to 37,000 Michigan residents. Bay City is the seat of Bay County and makes up the “Tri-Cities” region with help from Midland and Saginaw. Madonna, John List, and Warren Avis who founded Avis rent-a-car are a few notable names from Bay City.
There are a number of Bay City residents who are lawyers who have been certified with the Michigan State Bar Association and are familiar with local courts. Lawyers in Bay City represent a number of different kinds of clients, some typical cases include: wrongful termination, divorce, bankruptcy, and criminal cases.
Recently, Bay City filed a lawsuit against Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan in Bay County Circuit Court for allegedly overcharging the city $4.2 million since 1994. While Blue Cross Blue Shield has filed a motion to get the case dismissed, maintaining that all fees were disclosed and incorporated into contracts, Bay City Manager Robert Belleman said he wants to “put them on notice that [they’re] looking to reclaim that overcharge.”
If you have a lawsuit to file in Bay City, you will probably be visiting the Bay County 18th Judicial District Circuit Court. Michigan Circuit Courts require you to file your case with the correct division. For example, lawsuits should be filed with the civil division, divorce and other domestic issues with the family division, and so on but criminal cases will earn you a summons by the criminal division of an appropriate court. Your best bet is hiring a Bay City lawyer who is familiar with local court procedure.
The best way to be paired with a pre-screened local Bay City lawyer is through LegalMatch. LegalMatch will not only pair you with lawyers who want to take your case but will also let you see past clients’ reviews, availability schedules, and prices. LegalMatch also provides online reference materials like forums, tips, and an online law library for research. Check out the LegalMatch Law Blog for some great reading material.
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