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Learn More About Madison Heights, MI

Madison Heights is a bedroom community just outside of Detroit that is home to 30,000 residents. Madison Heights was incorporated as a town in 1955 and today is within the jurisdiction of Oakland County. Locals frequent the Telway Hamburger System that is open 24 hours and is known for its slider mini-burgers.
Madison Heights also plays host to some talented lawyers who are well acquainted with local courts. Lawyers in Madison Heights take a diverse range of cases; some normal examples include: chapter 7 bankruptcy, child custody, automobile injury, DUI, and green card immigration cases.
Recently in Madison Heights, Robert K. Becker had just been convicted of rape when he ran from a courtroom. Becker then grabbed a shotgun from his vehicle and allegedly tried to kill a detective before he was apprehended. His first-degree criminal sexual misconduct sentence earned him a significant jail sentence that was cited as the cause for the incident.
If you have divorce to file in Madison Heights then you will be heading to the Oakland County Circuit Court that has exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations cases as well as civil trial appeals. Michigan Circuit courts also take tort, real property, probate, civil, juvenile, and criminal cases.
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