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Learn More About Redford, MI

Redford is a charter township in Wayne County, Michigan. Redford is popular among Detroit professionals because it has a close proximity to the city while still providing that sought after “small town feel.” Redford is home to 52,000 residents who enjoy the township’s public services like the Redford Library System and the Redford Union School District.
Redford is home to some very talented lawyers who are familiar local courts and take many different kinds of cases. Lawyers in Redford take many different kinds of cases such as: bankruptcy, divorce, automobile injury, wrongful termination, child custody, and contested wills among others.
Recently in Redford, Angel V&S was ordered to pay $245,000 in fines and penalties after a temporary employee was crushed by a falling rack that was toppled by a crane. The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited the company for improperly protecting Daryl Johnson and other employees while the cranes were working above. The company still has 15 days to contest the charges. There has yet to be a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the Johnson family.
If you’re looking to file a lawsuit and live in Redford, than you’ll likely be visiting the 3rd Judicial Circuit Court which has jurisdiction over cases in Wayne County. Michigan State Circuit Courts take tort, contract, civil, mental health, administrative agency appeal, and criminal cases among other but retain exclusive jurisdiction over juvenile, family, and civil appeals. Visa, citizenship, and deportation cases are handled by the U.S. Immigration Court in Detroit, Michigan.
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