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Learn More About Mount Pleasant, MI

Mount Pleasant is the seat of Isabella County in the State of Michigan. Mount Pleasant is home to 27,000 residents, about 9,000 of which are residents of the Isabella Indian Reservation. The Soaring Eagle Casino is located on the reservation and is popular among local gamblers. Mount Pleasant also plays host to Central Michigan University.
Mount Pleasant offers some of Isabella County’s most talented lawyers. Lawyers in Mount Pleasant are familiar with a consulting clients on a wide range of cases including bankruptcy, child custody, DUI, immigration visa, and personal injury lawsuits like wrongful termination and automobile injury cases.
Recently in Mount Pleasant, Isabella county Treasurer Steve Pickens reported the lowest number of foreclosure filings in Michigan. Pickens said that there were only 12 foreclosures filed in Isabella County during 2009 when bankruptcies seemed to run rampant, especially in places like Detroit. Pickens went on to say that most of the bankruptcies and foreclosures in Isabella County can directly be tracked back to the auto industry’s financial troubles and the closure of factories.
If you need to file for bankruptcy in Mount Pleasant then you will be heading to the Isabella County Circuit Court. Michigan Circuit Courts have sole jurisdiction over family and civil cases but also hear tort, criminal, juvenile, probate, and administrative agency appeals among others. The U.S. Immigration Court has exclusive jurisdiction over any immigration issues that may arise in Mount Pleasant.
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