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Learn More About Farmington Hills, MI

Farmington Hills is a large city that is located in the state of Michigan. Despite being one of the largest cities in the Detroit metro area, Farmington Hills is an affluent international community which retains the charm of an old-fashioned small town. Voted the 19th safest city in the nation, Farmington Hills is home to 85 different languages, over 75 Fortune 500 companies, and 600 acres of public parks.

In the News: A blind Farmington Hills attorney recently brought suit against the Oakland County Commission on behalf of three disabled Farmington Hills residents, alleging that existing roundabout intersections in the city were unsafe for crossing and violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. The lawsuit led to an agreement under which the Oakland County Commission will install automated devices to ensure safe crossing for all residents of Farmington Hills.

Find a Criminal Defense Attorney in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Farmington Hills and Michigan have been known of places with high rate of crime. Some the cities in the surrounding areas are known to be in the top 5 crime rates among the medium sized cities in the US. If you have been a victim of a crime or have been accused of a crime in the state of Michigan or in Farmington Hills, MI and you believe that you have been falsely accused or just need assistance, there are many criminal defense attorneys in Farmington that that know the Michigan court system and can help you with you case.

Contact a experienced Farmington Hills criminal defense attorney who can assist you through the process.

Getting Legal Assistance in Farmington Hills,Michigan

This world-class community also plays host to a number of exceptional and experienced Farmington Hills lawyers. Lawyers in Farmington Hills can assist you with legal matters in the areas of business, immigration, intellectual property, family law, and real estate, or any other legal matter you may face.
Farmington Hills lawyers are familiar with the Oakland County Court system. Michigan has one Supreme Court, one court of appeals, one general trial court (known as a circuit court), and several limited-matter trial courts (known as district or probate courts). Lawyers in Farmington Hills may report to Oakland County’s 6th Circuit Court, the 47th District Court, Oakland County’s Probate Court, or possibly another court based on your needs. If you have a case in Farmington Hills, you may want to consult a local attorney to help you navigate this system.
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