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They city of Wyoming was officially incorporated in 1959, but there had been residents living there since 1832. Wyoming is the largest suburb of Grand Rapids and has 21 parks that cover a total area of about 665 acres. In 2002, the 48,000 square foot Wyoming Public Library was built and is very popular.
When you have been injured, or have some other need to file a lawsuit, you should probably speak to one of the talented Wyoming lawyers. These attorneys represent their clients in many areas of law including personal injury, divorce, bankruptcy, tax, employment, labor, DUI, criminal defense, alimony, automobile accidents and more.
A Wyoming man is currently facing criminal charges and likely deportation after he was involved in a drunken driving accident. The Wyoming man waived his probable cause hearing which will send his case straight to the Kent County Circuit Court. The police report indicates that the man was weaving and speeding when his car crossed the center line of the road he was on and crashed into oncoming traffic, killing and 80 year old woman. The report also indicates that the Wyoming man had a blood alcohol level of 0.179 at the time of the accident, which is more than twice the legal limit. Because the man is currently in the country illegally, he faces not only criminal charges but also deportation.
Wyoming lawyers are familiar with the 17th Circuit Court which is located in the Kent County Courthouse. This is a court of general jurisdiction and has the power to hear all cases except those given to other courts by state law. It would be to your benefit to hire a local attorney who is familiar with this court. is a great way to find an excellent Wyoming lawyer to take your case. Because we keep a large database full of pre-screened lawyers, LegalMatch is able to quickly and effectively match you to attorneys who are experienced in cases like yours. You can also visit our LegalCenter where you will find many articles about popular legal topics.
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