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Learn More About Clinton, MI

The Clinton Township is part of metropolitan Detroit and is the largest township in the entire state of Michigan. Clinton is home to the Walker Goldie Institute, an organization that is dedicated to the education of young people through after school programs as well as normal teaching. As for famous celebrities, Eminem, the well known rapper, currently lives in the Clinton Township.
If you have a legal issue that you do not think you can resolve by yourself in Clinton, there are a number of skilled Clinton lawyers that can help. These attorneys are skilled in areas of law such as personal injury, tax, criminal defense, DUI, automobile accidents, contacts, divorce, alimony and more.
The former police chief of Clinton Township recently reached a settlement with the Clinton Township Board regarding the remainder of his employment contact. The chief had been forced to resign from office in 2006 after a judge ruled that the 5-year contract he had with the township was invalid, despite a three year extension that had recently been negotiated. As part of the settlement, the former police chief will receive over $100,000 which represented the pay he is due on the remainder of his contract, as well as over $300,000 which represents money that was in a deferred retirement plan.
The Michigan court system has many courts that you may have to go to depending on your type of case. Clinton Township lawyers may argue cases in multiple district courts, the 16th Circuit Court, 37th – 41st District Courts, or the Macomb County Probate Court.
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